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on Manic Money

This is a list of a couple money making programs, I suggest, if you want to get paid online for free. And its all as simple as 1-2-3! Most programs are made so while you're chatting, surfing, checking your email or just wasting time; you're earning money!

And it really makes sense how you are earning this "free" money: Each program operates off of advertisers. The advertisers pay the webmaster, and then the webmaster pays you a small cut of his/her profits. It's a nice little co-op. So basically the little time you spend on the internet with these programs you earn the webmaster money, who then is nice enough to pay you back.
On my site I'll give a little description about each program. I've tested them all out so I'll try to keep the review as sincere as possible. I suggest that you join and try out more than one program listed below. That way you'll be earning an income in multiple areas and when you're ready to cash out on each program, you'll be receiving a lot more money at once.
Remember, I'd love to get feedback from you about my site. If you have any comments, suggestions (programs you think I should join?), or you need some help with a program please email me. I have no life so i'm always on and I'll get back to you as soon as i can . Email me, click here.

Common Initials and Their Meanings:
"PTC" - Paid To Click programs with PTC usually have pages with banners that you click to earn a certain amount
"PTP" - Paid To Promote programs with PTP have a page for the user to promote, and that user gets points for referring other people to that page.
"PTR" - Paid To Read these types of programs send you emails that you get paid to read.
"c" refers to cents.

Get Paid To Misc - These you usually play games, chat, sign up for offers, take surveys, etc.

Treasure Trooper
Referral Levels
Method of Payment
Minimum Payment
Paid Sign-Ups 0.50c-$40+,
Paid Surveys 0.75c-$5
2 Level, 20% 5%

I wouldn't suggest this program if you don't want to give out your credit card information. To sign up for the larger summed offers you usually have to enter your credit card. But otherwise, it's a really good, honest program. There are certainly enough offers to sign up for without using personal information, such as a credit card. They just don't pay as much. Offers entail anywhere from taking a 3 minute survey and earning $1, to buying a trial subscription to something like RealPlayer and earning $10. For offers like these it only requires you to subscribe for the trial membership, not to continue on with the service. So you can always just quit. I'd suggest making a new email account for all of these offers you are going to sign up for. You're going to get a lot of crap emails. This is a really great program, needless to say, if it's what you are into. You can really make a lot of quick big money on here! They offer 1000s of dollars in offers.

Get Paid to be a Webmaster - If you have a website and you get any amount of visitors, it is smart to sign up for one of these programs so that you can make money.

Referral Levels
Methods of Payment
Minimum Payment
25c-$5 per click depending upon the advertiser
1 level, up to 150%

The min payout is a little high, but you'd be surprised at how quick you earn money. The Google Adsense bar you can see to your left. It puts web search results on your website that are tailored to your websites content. This is actually useful to your visitors. I don't have websites with that many visitors so I was a bit worried that this would take forever. It's been 3 months and I'm already half way there. Some of the advertisements when clicked by your visitors can pay you 5 even 10 dollars! Advertising is a good business. The referral program in this program is pretty amazing too. Listen to this: When a publisher who signed up for Google AdSense through your referral earns $5.00 within 180 days of sign-up, you will be credited with $5.00. When that same publisher earns $100.00 within 180 days of sign-up and is eligible for payout, you will be credited with an additional $250.00. If, in any 180 day period, you refer 25 publishers who each earn more than $100.00 and are all eligible for payout, you will be awarded a $2,000.00 bonus. This program treats it's members well, especially if you have a high traffic website and lots of friends!

Get Paid To Read Email - These type of sites are good if you don't mind getting a couple emails once in a while. I only like ones that you can chose what you want sent too you, usually a low, fast payout. It would be a good idea to sign up for a separate email account just for all of these emails!

Referral Levels
Methods of Payment
Minimum Payment
1c-5c per email
1 level, 10%
Paypal - $3

I cashed out within a week. This program sends you emails depending upon how many you click and how active you are. If you go on vacation it won't send you any emails, but if you are clicking 5-10 per day it will start sending you 30-50 emails per day. Each email is worth up to 5 cents. This is a a high paying program for its members. Min payout is only $3 so as you can see, it doesn't take long if you are really active. You just have to be quick because sometimes a lot of the ads expire pretty quickly. So yeah join this program and start clicking!

Polar PTR
Referral Levels
Methods of Payment
Minimum Payment
0.25-1c per email, 0.01-0.25c PTC
1 level, 20%
Paypal/Egold/EU Bank Transfer/AlertPay
EU Bank Transfer-$1,

This is another fast cash opportunity. It sends many 1/2c emails each day. You can click all of your emails in a matter of minutes and earn quite a sum of money on your own, without referrals. The amount to cashout is really low (50c for Paypal and Egold users) and it only takes a maximum of 48 hours for you to receive the amount, so you can earn and have that money in your Egold/Paypal account pretty quickly. They also send point emails. You can sell the points, or use them to purchase upgrades/advertising. The PTP for this program is 70c per cpm. My first week as a member here, I earned a couple dollars, without any help from referrals, for only clicking emails for a couple minutes each day. And the money just keeps on adding up! Try it out for yourself!

View receipt of payment.

Donkey Mails
Referral Levels
Methods of Payment
Minimum Payment
0.25-1c per email
5 level, 5% 4% 3% 2% 1%
Egold-No minimum!

Well there is no minimum payout for this program (if you use Egold), so basically after your first email you can transfer your earnings straight to your account! This program is a semi-fast earner. It's a bit slower than Polar PTR. They don't send as many emails. But they do send enough. I made about 50c within the first week of being a member. This was all on my own, without referrals. And all I did was read the emails. Again, it really adds up. Emails are usually a quarter or half cent. There are also games to earn extra money. The webmaster is very helpful. I emailed him with a question and he got back to me the next day and fixed everything wrong with my account. Add this program to your PTR programs, it's a steady earner!

Class Act Clicks
Referral Levels
Methods of Payment
Minimum Payment
0.33-1c per email, 0.25-1c PTC
6 levels, 10% 5% 2% 2% 1% 1%
Western Union Money Order/Egold

Another program with a responsible webmaster. I had a couple questions for her and she replied to me within a couple hours. Very good, very good. Also this is a good way to earn some extra money. Emails tend to be worth anywhere from a third of a cent to 1c. There aren't as many emails as Polar PTR, but there are still quite enough. The great thing about this program is the PTC section. There are a couple banners valued at 1c. And many more valued at a quarter and a half a cent. The design of the website is also very nice in that on the page that you click from an email, you can view the PTC section and kill two birds with one stone. I've earned about 30c in my first week of being a member. Stay classy!

* Minimum payment means the minimum amount you must earn to be able to withdraw funds (this does not mean that you can't wait to cash out later, when you have more funds).

Try all these progs, they work, you get payed, more smiles on everyones faces. Good luck and more will come


Programs that pay for everything online; chat, games, email, clicks, etc.
Get paid while getting your website loads of traffic; traffic exchanges, startpage rotators, downline builders, etc
Sites that I have found to be fraudulent; blacklist, dead programs list, spyware alert, etc.
Here is my email address, my AIM screen name, my MSN messenger user name, and much more.

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