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News Archive: November

Nov. 01, 2002:
New Program Added
PartTime Income - designed for user with not much time. Get paid $0.005-0.05 per click, email, and a lot other stuff. Launched 2 days ago so join and refer.

Nov. 03, 2002:
Get Paid to India and Jumbolina added to Scams/Fraud: Black List.

Nov. 05, 2002:
New Program Added
HorizonSurfer - join and get paid $0.005-0.01 per email or everytime you load your startpage. New program with every way of earning money.

Nov. 07, 2002:
Added 800HitsTraffic to Programs list under "Get Paid for Startpage".

Nov. 08, 2002:
Added 1 Heluva to Programs list under "Get Paid for Traffic"

Nov. 09, 2002:
Added Catch Traffic to Scams/Fraud: Dead List.

Nov 12, 2002:
Added BustYourGut to Scams/Fraud: Dead List

Nov 12, 2002:
Program Added
PaidBizOpMail - $0.05 per email, $0.006-0.01 per click and up to $2.50 per offer. Join now for $5!

Nov 13, 2002:
Program Added
Tasia Paid Links - Get Paid directory; $0.01 per click, $0.50 per sign up, paid emails. Join now for $3!

Nov 17, 2002:
Added Talk n Earn to Scams/Fraud: the Blacklist

Nov 20, 2002:
New Program Added
AutoVisiting - Get paid to Autosurf; Credit=$0.0001, Paid email/click. Join now for 250 free credits!'

Nov 23, 2002:
Updated Horizon Surfer status to 'Technical Difficulties: Server Down'. Hopefully they'll be back soon

Nov 27, 2002:
Posted my earnings on a lot of the programs for the month of November. From now on I will do the same for each month at the end of the month.

Nov 28, 2002:
Happy Thanksgiving!

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